Berkshire Art Center

On a Friday night in the studio at Berkshire Art Center, you might shape stoneware clay. You might knead it into a wedge until the wider end coils like a snail and then whack it onto the kickwheel and slick it with water.

Rest your elbows on your knees and massage the clay between the heels of your hands until it’s steady on its base as the wheel spins, and then you can press with your fingers to draw the centar down and the rim up … you’ll have wet slip clay up to your elbows and the beginning of a cup in your hands.

In a new location in the Brotherhood Building, Berkshire Art Center has expanded into Pittsfield. They teach drawing and painting, clay and bookbinding, printing and photography and more. Some workshops are in-depth explorations over several days or several weeks, and some can you can drop into for an afternoon.

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