Chester Theatre Company ‘produces contemporary professional Equity theatre in an intimate setting, creating community,’ in the Town Hall of Chester, in the hilltowns east of the Berkshires — and has for more than 30 years.

In 2023, the company is exploring new possibilities under the leadership of co-artistoc-directors, Chester Theatre Veterans and husband and wife Tara Franklin and James Barry — as Daniel Elihu Kramer sets out, after seven seasons, to focus on his work with Smith College and as a freelance theatre artist.

“We tell diverse stories, hold important conversations, lead theatre trips, educate across generations and develop and support new work. We are committed to theatre as a means to explore and celebrate our shared humanity.”

Chester Theatre veterans Tara Franklin and James Barry, longtime actors and theater makers, are now at the helm, bringing performances like the intergenerational on-the-road exploration, The Making of a Great Moment.

Esther Williamson as Mona lies awake under the stars in the New Hampshire woods in Making of a Great Moment. Press photo courtesy of Chester Theatre Company
Photo by Andrew Greto
BTW Berkshires