Three trails cross 550 acres along the Clam River in Sandisfield, a wild river with traces of a dam and stone walls, old stone foundations and millworks.

The Wolf Pine Trail winds through cathedral pines with river views. The out-and-back pathway parallels the riverfor about 3 miles. Most of the trail follows wood roads, and some stretches move around wetlands. The trail runs along the Clam River, eventually bearing away from the river and climbing northwest past an old cellar hole, and ending at Hammertown Road.

Two Rivers Loop (formerly Clam River Loop) also sets out from the Town Hall. A short spur from the trailhead leads through a hardwood forest. The 1-mile loop and follows old wood roads and a new path through hardwood, white pine and hemlock. Th whole trail runs about 1.5 miles.

Hammertown Loop from the Hammertown Road trailhead follows the river downstream for half a mile. Most of the trail runs on top of steep banks overlooking the Clam River, with a dense canopy of hemlocks shading steep, rocky banks. Departing from the river, the trail climbs a quarter of a mile to the foundation of what must have been a large house. Soon after the cellar hole, a wood road leads back to Hammertown Road. You can turn right and follow the Road down andnorth to the trailhead to complete a 1.6-mile loop.

The town hall trail head begins at 66 Sandisfield Road in Sandisfield, with parking on the left at the Sandisfield Town Hall Annex, which is the former Sandisfield School.

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