Seva and Kaylan Water are growing hazelnuts at their farm in cummington. Hazelnuts are not yet for sale at the farm (in part because husking them is still a process by hand, though the farmers are exploring new collaborations with the New York Tree Crop Alliance to process their nuts over the winter.)

But in the fall the farmers invite volunteer pickers to come and help and take a grab bag of fresh hazelnuts home with them, to try drying, husking and cracking your own nuts.

“Nuts were once the traditional staple foods of the eastern woodlands,” Seva and Kaylan say, “and we feel honored to be returning to these roots. We will lay out some of our small scale processing equipment so you can try your hand at this ancient foodway.”

Nutwood Farm is located on seven acres of hillside in Cummington, on land that was once stewarded by the Muh-he-con-neok (“People of the Waters that are never still”) or Mohican people, the Pocumtuk, Nonotuck, Nipmuc and Abenaki.

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