Monthly Archives: March 2017

BTW in mud time — A Mass MoCA mosaic

In the room with the holograms, we stopped to watch the woman on the screen intently folding a creamy mat of spun silk, and then a weaver at a loom. The film accompanies a microscope bearing a slide — a glass plate, liquid silk and a poem from the point of view of a silkworm. We were wandering through the spring exhibits at Mass MoCA, where the Wonder exhibit is quietly in its last days, and new shows are opening. Nick Cave’s ‘Until’ enveloped us in sober, awe-struck quiet. And the timeline of the universe filled us with delight. Especially me. Because a couple of seconds past the Big Bang, I heard my name and turned to find Amanda Korman, my friend, my fellow Eph, my first intern and colleague at the Eagle, magically transported up the East Coast to spend a week as an artist in residence at the museum. Some days the universe expands like that.

BTW explores Woods in the bare season

A week ago, I watched Carrianne Petrik-Huff take the temperature of a skunk cabbage. The thermometer, held inside the curl of the young plant, read 36 degrees — almost 20 degrees warmer than the outside air. Later in the season it will spread broad breen leaves in swampy places, but in March Symplocarpus foetidus emerges…

Are You Really My Friend? Tanja Hollander connects

In 2010, on New Years Eve, Tanja Hollander was at home alone. She was sending a Facebook message to a friend working on a film in Jakarta and writing a letter in pencil to a friend deployed in Afghanistan. She began thinking about the group of people who made up her 626 Facebook friends. And she…