Quantum leaping into the spring — #berkshireweekend

Today feels like time traveling … a leap day sounds like a quantum dancer, something out of a science fiction novel, step into this moment and it can take you anywhere.

Somehow it feels apt that the calendar makers decided to drop it into the end of February, when winter is turning to spring and the temperature is skying from ice to thaw every few hours. Time is shifting from winter sleep to alertness, like the first moments of waking in the morning, when your mind is half in a dream.

Federico García Lorca talks about that relationship, in a poem about La Leyenda del Tiempo, the Legend of time … I found it this week in a song by Cameron de la Isla, a legendary singer, as I’ve been writing a story about flamenco for the Globe, and the words seems to twine sleep and time together like saplings or river currents or people …

We should a word for that feeling. Maybe if you head to the Like Magic films at Mass MoCA this weekend, or the new art exhibit of fantastic illustrations opening at the Norman Rockwell Museum, you can find one and tell me what it is?

Bright flowers bloom in the annual spring bulb show at the Berkshire Botanical Garden.
Photo by Kate Abbott

Bright flowers bloom in the annual spring bulb show at the Berkshire Botanical Garden.

Mill Brook Farm’s sugar shack is boiling maple syrup near the Roaring Brook trail …

More events coming up …

Daffodils bloom pale gold at Berkshire Botanical Garden.
Apr 13 2024 @ 10:00 am
Elisabeth Cary, avid home gardener and micro-flower farmer, will consider how to keep a small garden with as many flowers as possible.
A boy and a lamb walk by the pasture at Hancock Shaker Village.
Apr 13 2024 @ 11:00 am
Hancock Shaker Village welcomes visitors to meet their newest farm babies – lambs, piglets, calves, chicks and kid goats, and enjoy events and activities throughout the Village.
Wildflowers bloom in the meadows at the Spruces in late summer ith mountains on the horizon.
Apr 13 2024 @ 2:00 pm
Are you interested in the future of the Spruces? Come chat with members of the Williamstown Conservation Commission about the park.

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