Baby, this is your day — It’s time to masquerade — #berkshireweekend

When did we begin this tradition on Halloween of who do you want to be? Play, have fun, you can turn into anyone tonight — a dryad in birch bark, a unicorn, any being you can imagine.

You can change shape. Metamorphose like a butterfly. You can walk into a book, or another dimension, or another universe. You can swing from the rooftops. You can fly.

It can be intoxicating when you think about it … because how often do any of us get to play with dreams like this? Maybe the theaters should go through their costume shops this time of year.

Maybe the vintage shops should look for capes and masks that glimmer in half-light. Maybe the Berkshire Arts Center should hold workshops. On a night like this, when spirits walk, who knows who we might decide to be.

The sun sets over Naumkeag at the annual pumpkin show.
Photo by Kate Abbott

The sun sets over Naumkeag at the annual pumpkin show.

Halloween events coming up

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