Small Business Revolution — Why #OurNorthAdams

You’re in North Adams for a day in the heart of winter, and you want to get to know the town? I can see the challenge at a glance. It’s January. The sidewalk tables have rolled inside, and next summer’s pop-up galleries and concerts in the park are still a glint in the eye. Even the college is on break.

But even in winter this old mill town can reach around the world. On a well-below-freezing night, a Grammy-winning musician who has performed for the United Nations can get a crowd of 300 on their feet and singing.

You can find comedy and calligraphy, a bookbinder running a letterpress, an entrepreneurial meetup at a microbrewery or a menu with farm-grown purple potato chips, if you know where to look.

I’ve been looking for more than 15 years now, off and on — come on and share my table at BrewHaHa, take half of my pumpkin chip muffin, and I can show you. Take a look at what we’ve seen in the last year alone … (At the top, Nick Cave’s ‘Until’ shimmers at Mass MoCA. Photo by Susan Geller.)