Halloween nightlife — Jack-o-lanterns and comedy — #berkshireweekend

‘Look at the butterfly!’
‘Actually that one’s a cow …’

I have to wonder what kind of shapeshifter is visiting the Naumkeag Pumpkin Show tonight. Families are talking on the garden path, and the only living creature I can hear is answering in a low, guttural ‘baaa,’ from the sheep grazing in the fields.

But we’re surrounded by creatures made of fire. They’re carved into pumpkins — a kingfisher, a luna moth — and they’re resting in the trees like magic lanterns.

Around sunset the garden transforms into a harvest festival in the golden hour. Later on you can catch the light show in the dark. But right now it’s quiet, and I can imagine a will o’ the wisp changing shape like a flame, or Queen Mab riding on a milkweed seed on the wind.

The sun sets over Naumkeag at the annual pumpkin show.
Photo by Kate Abbott

The sun sets over Naumkeag at the annual pumpkin show.

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Berkshire sculptor Robin Tost's Spirit Bear honors the relatives of the black bears who live in the Berkshires.
May 19 2024 @ 9:00 am
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Dog sculptures cavort in the grass at the RT Design & Antiques booth at the annual Trade Secrets garden and art sale. Press photo courtesy of Trade Secrets
May 19 2024 @ 10:30 am
Dozens of plant nurseries, antiques shops and artisans from across the region and beyond will gather at the annual Trade Secrets show to benefit Project SAGE.
Claude Monet, The Geese, 1874, oil on canvas. Clark Art Institute
May 19 2024 @ 11:15 am
A Clark educator leads a thematic tour of highlights of the Clark’s Impressionist art collection by artists like Renoir, Monet, Pissarro and Cassa.

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