Studios open and kilns and conversations – #berkshiresweekend

In the next week, we can make paper out of old jeans … or see a potter lift the top off a raku kiln while the bowls inside are glowing like molten glass.

Artsweek Berkshires is coming back to celebrate. And after a summer of wandering through museums and studios and fields, I’m thinking about what I would offer you. Where would I go to sit quietly with art that moves me on a summer afternoon?

In the morning, I would head up to Field Farm, to see Rose B. Simpson’s sculpture. I’ve wanted all summer to see her women at sunrise. They look east, and I’ve come in the early light when they held a glow, and the redwing blackbirds were calling in the meadow, and a heron was fishing on the pond.

Then I might wander into an open studio or a workshop, so I can feel the clay in my hands, or the paper pulp, or the ink and the silkscreen.

And in the afternoon, I’d head south. I want to see Nayana LaFond’s paintings at the Lichtenstien, and I want to go back to the Norman Rockwell Museum — their broad summer show is still with me, bright with music and people holding each other.

This weekend …

Artsweek Berkshires is coming back through Sept. 25 with open studios, art shows and events across the county. Novelist Lara Tupper will hold a virtual writing group on September 21, and the Plant Connector in North Adams will offer workshops throughout the week.

Acclaimed artist Loveis Wise will hold a virtual workshop with the Norman Rockwell Museum, Jeanne Marklin will show her fiber art in Williamstown, and the Old Stone Mill and Cheshire Glassworks will hold open studios, amont many others … Plein air painters gather oudoors, and WAM Theatre holds community conversations …

Events coming up …

Find more art and performance, outdoors and food in the BTW events calendar.

John Singer Sargent captures a meeting in a Spanish Street.
Mar 3 2024 @ 1:00 pm
The Clark invites the community to lift the curtain on a day of art, creativity, and fun — transform a box into a miniature theater using special images from the Clark’s collection and more.
Parents and their young daughter laugh and exclaim over the art in Kidspace at Mass MoCA.
Mar 7 2024 @ 10:30 am
Families with children up to 6 years old are invited to join Mass MoCA museum educators for a storytime and related exploration in the galleries.
People gather among the local restaurants, taco truck and microbrewery in the Mass MoCA courtyard at night.
Mar 10 2024 @ 10:00 am
On the day of each new moon — believed by many to be a time of rebirth — visitors to Like Magic at Mass MoCA are invited into Grace Clark’s 'In a new light (Healing Dirt).'

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