The Very Mary Makers’ Sale

Gilded Age Christmas

Maestro — Leonard Bernstein film

Historic Sheffield Winter Wonderland

LumiNAMA Holiday Lights Festival

Winterlights @ Naumkeag

Maestro — Leonard Bernstein film

Nightwood @ the Mount

Lenox, MA

Music and light fill the woods at Edith Wharton's historic house with a celebration of the winter solstice and fire in the dark.

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Radiant nights at the Shaker Village

Stained glass ornaments

A Christmas Carol

It’s a Wonderful Life

The Wizards of Winter

Pittsfield, MA

Former members of The Trans-Siberian Orchestra perform a rock opera with Broadway and theater veterans and musicians from Def Leppard, Rainbow, Alice Cooper and Blue Oyster Cult.

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Maestro — Leonard Bernstein film

The Eggmen perform @ the Barn

Egremont, MA

The Eggmen perform a best of the Beatles tribute live at the Egremont Barn. They will perform at the Egremeont Barn, a performance venue in a tavern atmosphere.

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